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• “You”, "you", “Your”, "your" – These terms refer to any user of the website.

• “We”, "we", “Us”, "us", “Our”, "our" – These terms refer to Ridgeway Line Incorporated and all its affiliates and associated companies.

• “Ridgeway Line Inc.” – This term refers to Ridgeway Line Incorporated and all its affiliates and associated companies. 

• “Ridgeway Art” and "Ridgeway Jewels” are Ridgeway Line Incorporated affiliates, and "Ridgeway Lavender Inc." is the associated company. 

• "Website" or "website" - These terms refer to this website, the website(s) of our affiliates, and the website(s) of our associated companies. 


Ridgeway Line Inc. is a retailer that currently owns the rights to Ridgeway Art and Ridgeway Jewels. Ridgeway Lavender Inc. is a retailer. We acknowledge and respect your personal privacy. This Privacy Policy describes all aspects relating to gathering information while you're visiting our website.

We take the privacy of your information very seriously. 

Please read this Privacy Policy before using our website or submitting any personal information. By using our website, you accept and consent to the practices described in this Privacy Policy. By your continued use, you expressly consent to our collection, storage, use, and disclosure of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with these practices, you are free to discontinue your use of our website at any time.

We are in full compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, otherwise known as PIPEDA. More information about PIPEDA can be obtained from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada here

In compliance with PIPEDA, we will NOT disclose your personal information, including financial information to anyone without your expressed consent, except in compliance with applicable law. Learn more about our Disclosure of Personal Data below. 

If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, you can Contact Us at anytime! 

Data Collection

How we collect your data

You may visit our website at any time without intentionally revealing any personal information about yourself. However, when you visit our website, we may collect and store your computer and connection information, statistics on page views, traffic to and from our website, advertisement data, IP address and standard web log information, and information from other companies, such as demographic and navigation data.

For you to actively participate on our website, we do need some of your personal information. Once you provide us with your required personal information, we take every precaution to safeguard it. In providing us with your personal information, you consent to the transfer and storage of such information on our servers.

When you make a purchase on our website, we will collect the following required information: (1) email address, first and last name, and contact information; (2) shipping, billing, and other pertinent information relating to any purchase or shipping; (3) any correspondence sent to us; (4) financial information, such as your credit card information; and (5) other supplemental information from third parties. 

Third Parties

We are not responsible for the Privacy Policy, content, or data collected on any other website, including sites that are co-branded, or websites that lead off from our website. These websites include, but are not limited to, our third-party suppliers, contractors, or advertisers.

Third Party - Stripe

We use Stripe, a third-party, to process financial transactions. We may not be responsible for lost, stolen, or otherwise misused or unauthorized disclosure of information provided to Stripe. 

Strip may require the following information: (1) credit card number, (2) credit card expiration date, (3) a CCV number found on the back of a credit card, (4) the name of the person on the credit card, and (5) mailing or billing information. 

For more information on Stripe, please visit:

For more information on Stripe’s privacy policy, please visit:

Third Party – Google

We use Google to obtain analytical information on the individuals who visit our site. Limited information is provided to us, such as age, gender, city location of the visitor, time of the visit, and whether it was from a mobile or desktop device. This information will only be available to us, our affiliates, and contracted companies to help market our products. 

Third Party – Facebook Inc.

We use Facebook for advertising and as a means of engaging with our customers. They provide us with analytical information on the individuals who interact with our Facebook and Instagram pages. This information will only be available to us, our affiliates, and contracted companies to help market our products.

Use of Data and Data Retention

Our purpose for collecting personal information is to provide you with services, to advertise, and to send you a product you ordered. By making a purchase, you agree that we may use your personal information to: (1) provide the services, purchases, and/or customer support you request; (2) resolve disputes, collect fees, and troubleshoot problems; (3) prevent potentially prohibited or illegal activities; (4) customize, measure, and improve our services, content, and advertising; (5) inform you about our services, targeted marketing, service updates, and promotions.

Unless you consent otherwise or it is required by law, personal information will only be used or disclosed for the purposes for which it was collected. Personal information will only be kept as long as required to serve those purposes.

Disclosure of Personal Data

We will not share your information with anyone, other than required by law or with your consent. 

We do not share or sell your personal information to third party advertisers.

We may disclose personal information to respond to legal requirements and to enforce our Privacy Policy. This information will be disclosed under applicable laws and regulations.

We may also share your personal information with third parties assisting our business operations under contract, including but not limited to, fraud investigations and debt collection, with law enforcement, and/or with other governmental officials as required by law. 

When visiting our website from a public or shared computer, certain information about you may also be visible to others who may use that computer after your use. It is your responsibility to ensure private information is removed from the public or shared computer should you choose to use one.

Remember, there is always a risk when using online services and information may be intercepted. 

Access, Review, and Change of Personal Data

Accurate information is required for billing and delivery purposes. We are not responsible for lost purchases, stolen items, or any other consequences thereof if the information you have provided us is inaccurate. 

Before making a purchase, ensure the billing and mailing information is accurate. 

We operate under the FOB Shipping Point, which means the item is in your possession from the time of delivery. 

Use of Cookies on our Website

We may use so-called "cookies", which are files that are stored on your computer that can be retrieved to assist in customizing your experience with the online service. The information saved supports the functionality of the site, for example, by keeping track of your visual preferences or controlling the frequency of "pop-up" windows. You are free to prevent cookies from being saved on your hard drive by adjusting the corresponding settings in your browser. However, turning off these settings may result in limited functionality.

Security Measures and Fraudulent Scams

If you set up an account, your account, profile, and the information contained therein are password protected. Please note that you are not permitted to provide your password to anyone else

You may receive, possibly by telephone, mail, telegram, email, a short messaging service (texting), or a link to another page, a message claiming to be from us or our affiliates. In some cases, the communication requests personal or financial information, such as, but limited to, a credit and/or debit card number and pin, passwords, and bank account information. 

The communication will claim that this information is needed, whether it be to make a payment, system maintenance, charge late fees, upgrade or improve your account, or to tender some form of other service. Another scam refers an individual to a web site resembling ours or our affiliates, where the person is asked to enter their personal or financial information. Do not in any way, shape, or form, make available your information to these fraudulent entities.

Ridgeway Line Inc. and its affiliates will never request personal or financial information of any kind by ways of telephone, mail, telegram, email, short messaging service (texting), or a link to another page. If you have been a victim of a scam, have a suspicion that you are being scammed, or have been contacted by an entity that is trying to scam you, call us immediately. If your credit card or banking information has been stolen, call your financial institution and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre immediately. 

You may receive telephone calls, mail, telegram, and emails from us on occasion. Should you wish to verify the authenticity of any such forms of communications, contact us directly via our Contact Us page.

Please remember to log out of your account and to close your Internet browser window when you leave the our site; this is especially important if you use your computer in public locations. We assume no liability for the abuse of login data and passwords used.

We treat data as an asset that must be highly protected. We use security measures to protect your personal information against unauthorized access and disclosure. Although we work very hard to protect your privacy, we do not promise, and you should not expect, that your personal information or private communications will always remain private.

For more information on scams, to report deceptive telemarketing, or if you have given personal or financial information to fraudster or scammer, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre here.

Our Commitment to Data Security

We take your privacy seriously.

We have appropriate physical, electronic, and procedural security safeguards to protect and secure the information we collect. 

Secure Sockets Layering (SSL)

We utilise the latest and most secure version of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology. This technology safeguards your personal information and guarantees privacy. It encrypts all of your personal information, including payment information, name, email address, and mailing address, so that it can not be read as the information travels over the Internet. SSL technology is the industry standard for secure online transactions.

Protection from Web Crawlers or Spam

We assure you that we will use your e-mail address with your express consent only for communication purposes. We will never ask you for your financial information via email. We will not rent or sell your e-mail address to third parties, and we will prevent your e-mail address from being recorded by "web crawlers" or "web spiders" to the best of our ability. If you believe that your e-mail address has been recorded in this way, or that you have been requested to share your financial information with an alleged staff member, do not disclose your information to this entity, and please contact us immediately through our Contact Us page.

Subscription Services – Email

You have the option to sign up for an email subscription service, where we send promotional information to you via email.

If you do not wish to receive updates or news letters from us, you may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button on the bottom of the email.

For more information on Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), please visit the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission website here.

For the Government of Canada’s CASL website, click here.

Subscription Services – Monthly Deliveries

You have the option to sign up for a subscription service, where we send you a piece of jewellery once a month. This services will require the collection of personal information as described in the Data Collection section of this Privacy Policy. 

You may unsubscribe from the service at anytime by contacting us though the Contact Us portal. 


We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time by posting the new Privacy Policy on our website. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. Consequently, you should review this Privacy Policy for changes each time you visit our website.